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Complete Courses

To really boost your confidence as a trader from the beginning, check the list of courses Wilkins Finance offers. The basic course is one that should definitely be taken by anybody intending to spend time trading online. 

Our various courses are designed for you to study at your own pace and convenience. Each course deals with a specific subject and consists of a number of video sessions, divided into chapters. Each chapter ends with a quiz for you to evaluate what you’ve learned. You can go back to parts of the chapter if you’re not happy with the evaluation. Take one at the time and be sure you understand and implement what you’ve learned.

In the basic course, you will be introduced to the global market in general and learn important terms without which you cannot follow what’s happening. You will learn the role of psychology and how to manage yourself, your finances and the risks involved. Finally, the basics of market analysis will be discussed. You are ready to take your first steps in the market.

To understand specific financial instruments, move on to the more advanced courses. In the second course, you will learn what is unique about trading commodities. You’ll know exactly what to expect of a futures contract, what their roles in the market are and what their advantages. The third course will walk you through comprehensive explanations of CFDs, stocks, and indices.

The fourth and final course will turn you into an expert on online trading after you have thoroughly internalized the previous. It comprises of a range of strategies that can be implemented in financial online trading once you understand the basics.